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Posted 02/02/2020 in Auto gyro

1/4 Share Immaculate MT03

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A 1/4 share in one of the smartest group machines around.

This MT-03 is based at Kirkbride in the north of the Lake District, Cumbria’s main hub for Gyro flying.
This is a perfect location for flying, without restriction of airspace or airfield, with stunning scenery and terrain in every direction.

At this base, if you can see you can fly!

We are a small, well run group of conscientious and careful individuals. We pay a monthly ‘sub’ to cover fixed costs, along with a sensible hourly rate to cover consumables, with a % of that being allocated to an engine fund.

Kirkbride also has its very own on-site instructor/examiner, Chris Jones, who is nearly always on hand to offer help or guidance.

There are no availability issues, we simply use WhatsApp.

This machine has been upgraded to 500Kgs MTOW by Rotorsport and type II rotors were fitted approx 13 months ago.
(the pics are pre type II fit)

Contact Details 07770 501884 or mikera01@mail.com