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Posted 20/12/2019 in Light Aircraft

1/5th share available in the stunning Mooney 201 G-OBAL

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4 place 160kt tourer on 9.5 GPH – Elstree to South of France 3.75 Hours.

Based at Elstree:- 30 mins from Central London, 24 hours operation for residents, easy access from M1/A41, Underground, and Central Rail services.

A long standing extremely friendly, very well run group, looking to increase numbers to ensure better utilisation of the aircraft.

Effectively a “new” plane:-

• Fully refurbished in 2016, stripped bare, all issues identified and fixed.

o New paint (Scheme Designers and Aeroskill Mastenbroek)

o New Interior (Aerocomfort, San Antonio).

o 2018 New firewall forward, engine, Hartzell 3 blade Prop, mags, vacuum pump etc.

• Aircraft was owned and maintained all its life to airline standards by Britannia Airlines (hence the reg) and TUI before being purchased in 2011. The Group runs on a no deferred maintenance principle, i.e. if it breaks it gets fixed immediately.

• Currently maintained by Mooney Service Centre.

• Serial number 24-1601 Built 1986.


Hourly Rate: £110 per tacho hour wet and £245 / month paid by standing order. Covers all parking, insurance, maintenance, aircraft licence fees etc. Fuel on site. Share cost £25K.

Availability:- Online booking system, use as required, fly when you want. If there is a conflict on the day you want to fly we call the other person and negotiate. 1-2 week Touring holidays allowed.


Fully Airways IFR Kit:-

KFC 150 Flight Director two axis autopilot with coupled approach

Twin Altimeters


KI 256 Flight Director

KX155 X 1 Nav Comm

GNC255 X 1 Nav/Comm (new 8.33 mhz)

KLN39 GPS (to be replaced with Avidyne 540 IFR GPS)

GTX 345 Mode S Transponder with auto activation

KMA24 4 place Intercom


KR 87 ADF with auto flight timer

JPI 830 digital engine monitor

LED “high viz” Wing and landing lights.

Electronic clock

Group O2 tank available if high altitude flying.

2 x Passenger headsets and 3 x Lifejackets.


This is a simple, easy to fly FAST aircraft. It is very roomy, extremely comfortable for long trips, and as the adverts used to say “its your own personal airliner”. Easily cruises at FL160, sweet spot tends to be FL80, climbs at 1k ft / min at 120 knot cruise climb.

Telephone: 07711 260255