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Posted 03/03/2020 in Light Aircraft

Aeropro Eurofox including Trailer

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Reluctant (retirement) sale of a superb 2008 Aeropro Eurofox (Tri-gear) with 1125 hours (still flying), in excellent condition (said the inspector). Next inspection 6.12.2020. Based/registered in Spain as Ultralight/Microlight @ 472.5 kg MTOW but could be GA (560kg).

Rotax 912 UL 80hp engine. Has more than enough power. Rate of climb 5m/sec 2-up (975ft/min). Rotate at 120m. Cruise 140 to 160kph. Very quiet overhead. The major motor inspection due at 1200hrs (TBO) has already been completed 19.8.2016 @ 1033 hrs and it has a new NR (Kool) prop. Not that it was needed but I liked the slight weight saving and its indestructability. The original Fiti prop is still there as a spare and performs equally well. For two years of local flying average fuel consumption 9.11 l/hour recorded on spread sheet. 62 litre tanks give a range of over 5.5 hours with 30mins reserve.

Kept at home on the bespoke trailer, so maintained there at my leisure without special trips to the hangar. The whole lot fits in a standard height and width garage door and needs just under 7m length. Never kept outside.

The Wing fold is set-up for easy one-man operation, cunning automatic ramps help. Only 19-20 minutes from car engine off to plane engine on comfortably. It would take longer to open the hangar and make space etc.

She handles superbly. Very stable with a high wing and dihedral, but also very well balanced so lands and turns well. The mini vortex generators make her difficult to stall, the usual clean stall speed of 82kph is reduced to a "mush" at 75 kph. Ultralight stall is 65kph with flaps.

There are the usual analogue flight instruments & magnetic card compass but I am especially pleased with the Winter 480º ASI for accurate approach speeds etc; and the Mingda Giro turn co-ordinator that gives bank and slip-ball info, thus allowing meteorological conditions flying in an emergency . The electric fuel pump, for priming and emergencies, supplements the Rotax mechanical pump. Fuel pressure guage. Rotax engine info via Flydat. New lightweight battery. Voltmeter.

Tail strobe light and landing lights. Carburetor and cabin heating. Ballistic Parachute. Hand brake.

The radio is a new Funke 8.33 kHz Three headsets include two FlightCom and a LightSpeed Tango cordless. There is an eye-level support for Mini iPad (not included) for SkyDemon.

Numerous spares include instruments, filters, spark plugs (2 sets), inner tubes, vacuum guages and special equipment for maintenance etc; Full dust sheets. Fuel cans, ladder and funnels. Battery charger.(never used).

The 750kg trailer (so no MOT/ITV) has spare wheel and was built to fit Eurofox but could be changed for other aircraft or other purpose.

Please e-mail first jeff.gresswell@outlook.com Tel 0034 661173218