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Brändli BX-2 Cherry

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PlaneTime is proud to offer this 1996 Brändli BX-2 Experimental Aircraft.

The Brändli BX-2 Cherry is two-seat sport homebuilt aircraft, designed by Max Brändli. More than a hundred had been constructed by 2010.

Max Brändli designed the Cherry in 1979 when he was 55 years old and started its construction in his cellar. He carried out all the structural and aerodynamic calculations and supervised the building, which took 3½ years and 5,500 hours of work. He also flew it on its first flight on 24 April 1982.

The Cherry is a low wing monoplane. It has a wood-framed fuselage and wings with wooden spars, styrofoam cores and glass fibre covering. The inner sections of the wings have constant chord and carry flaps; the outer sections are straight tapered with ailerons. The wings can be removed rapidly for transport. The tail surfaces are straight tapered and the stabilator is fitted with a full-span anti-servo tab. The Cherry seats two, in side-by-side configuration under a large, almost fully transparent, forward sliding canopy. It has a retractable tricycle undercarriage, with simple, outward folding main gear.

This particular aircraft, registered PH-POS, was finished in 1996 in Belgium and registered as OO-137. First registered in the Netherlands in 2001. Only two owners since new.