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Posted 20/12/2019 in Light Aircraft

Cherokee PA28-140 Share for sale Oaksey Park (EGTW)

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A rare 1/8 share now available in PIPER CHEROKEE 140 G-AZWB built 1972, for £2500.

This is a long standing, well run and managed group, based at one of the most delightful airfields in the UK. The airfield is close to Kemble Cotswold Airport), which is useful for circuit practice. The aircraft is always hangered, and all ADs are up to date, with no foreseeable extra bills.

HOURLY RATE: £75.00 per tacho hour wet, and £100.00 / month paid by standing order, covers all hangarage, insurance, maintenance, and local club membership. Fuel on site.

AVAILABILITY: You will have one week dedicated to you every 8 weeks (Wednesday morning to Tuesday evening) plus any other time you want to fly by email/text liaison with whoever’s week it is. The scheme works very well without need for an online booking system.


Trig TT31 Mode s transponder

Trig TY96 (COM1 [8.33 KHz])

Narco MK12D+ (Com2 [25KHz]) + VOR/ILS/GS (NAV 1)

King KX155 (NAV 2) VOR/ILS

Narco ADF 141

Narco IDME 891

PS Engineering PM501 Intercom

Dual Altimeters

This is a simple, inexpensive, easy-to-fly and maintain aircraft. What makes the 140 different is its roominess and stability, making it a perfect choice as an entry-level cross-country airplane, including IFR trips even with a minimal panel.

Reluctant and genuine reason for sale: For more information please contact-

Roger - 07802 709137 (text preferred)