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Posted 14/12/2019 in Gliders

Grob 109B 1/5 share Lasham

Lasham, Hampshire, UK
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Hi There,

For sale is my 1/5 share of a lovely Grob 109B based out of Lasham.

I am moving back to Ireland hence the sale. I have owned this share since 2017 but the other members have owned their shares for 10+ years.

The aircraft is a lovely example and is meticulously looked after and maintained by the group. The aircraft has fantastic availability as it is only flown about 100 hours or less each year (about a 1/3 of these hours are mine).

With membership to Lasham there are no takeoff or landing fees and airfield hours are from Sunrise to Sunset.

Fixed costs are shared by the group and variable cost (Avgas) by the pilot. Flying time works out about £50 per Taco hour (fixed & variable) based on 40 hours flying per year. So pretty fantastic flying value and great fun to fly.

Aircraft cruises about 85-90knots and I often use her for overseas trips to Le Touquet or similar

Fantastic group and wonderful aircraft to fly

Any questions welcome