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Posted 14/12/2019 in Light Aircraft

Kolb Twinstar MkIII Xtra

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Registered July 2003. engine cycles 210 hrs, Airframe 203 hrs, fitted with a Rotax 582 (65 HP) ‘silver top’ engine and an Arplast 162cm diameter three bladed propeller.

I have flown this aircraft for over 6 years now and have derived immense pleasure from this fantastic aircraft over this time. The Kolb Mk III Xtra aircraft provides for unrivalled visibility for the pilot, with a cabin that is light and airy. It is immensely enjoyable to fly, possessing very capable STOL characteristics and superb handling and benign qualities. Toe pedal brakes provide for sure stops and allow a tighter turning radius
The Mark III Xtra has folding wings and tail which allow for easy storage or trailering. The tail folds up and the wings fold back along the fuselage in about 20 minutes by one person. The full enclosure doors hinge forward to facilitate easy entry and exit of the aircraft. Fuel consumption is @15 Litres/Hour ‘two up’.

Included in sale are; Lynx Headsets (x2), ICOM IC A22radio, Garmin GPS PILOTIII. The starter motor and battery were both replaced last year. The aircraft has always been ‘hangered’ and also included in the sale are cockpit dust covers.

Cruise: 64 kts
VNE 82 kts
MAUW 431 KG (Mod11271 mod Vortex Generators fitted)
Stall MAUW : 34 kts
Rate of climb: 1000 fpm (solo) 800 fpm (dual)
Length: 24 ft
Wing span: 30 ft
Wings folded width: 6ft 10ins
Wing area: 160 sq.ft

This aircraft is ready to fly and is currently based at Watnall in Nottinghamshire. Will consider delivering the aircraft to your site upon completion of purchase.
LAA Permit until July 2020

For further information please feel welcome to contact me - 07305692839