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Posted 23/01/2020 in Light Aircraft

Land Africa For Sale

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Exceptionally well built 2015 Land Africa Microlight in excellent condition with customised features:

- Rotax 912ULS 100bhp engine with 500 hours (complete service history).
- FIFI 3 blade fixed propeller.
- Additional fuel tanks fitted in each wing totalling a combined aircraft fuel capacity of 120 litres.
- Reserve 6 litre fuel tank
- 2 x Control sticks each with radio transmission and electric trim buttons.
- Strobe, Position, Cabin and Landing Lights.

A full suite of avionics in a customised cockpit design, to include:

- Dynon D1000T Skyview touchscreen display complete with a Jeppesen terrain and mapping database. (This unit is also capable of integrating SkyDemon mapping software).
- Dynon ADAHRS module.
- Dynon engine monitoring module complete with engine monitoring sensors fitted.
- Dynon system backup battery module providing up to 60 minutes of backup battery power for Dynon systems.
- Dynon Class 2 Mode S Transponder.
- BECKER AR6201 VHF Radio with 8.33KHZ spacing.
- MONROY ATD-300 Traffic Watch+ with external antenna.
- Garmin 296 GPSMap.
- Electric Flaps (manual or auto operation).
- Backup oil pressure and oil temperature analogue gauges.
- 2 x USB charging ports.
- Separate master switch for avionics bus bar to allow complete isolation of avionic equipment if required.
- Separate main power master switch to allow complete isolation of battery if required (fitted with relay and fuse).
- Battery and fuel pressure analogue gauges.
- Battery test button and indicator light.
- Separate circuit breakers for each piece of equipment so if one piece of equipment trips, the remaining equipment will not be affected.

This aircraft fly’s beautifully and is always privately hangered. One private owner.

Please contact for pricing:

PJ McCabe
Mobile: +353 87 254 4724
Email: patrickmccabe55@gmail.com

Contact Details +353 87 254 4724