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Posted 10/03/2020 in Light Aircraft


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The Bristell NG5 is a brilliant top class aeroplane, well developed from predecessors.

A 1/5 share in a superb well managed and maintained Bristell NG5

with a friendly group operated from private hangar at Wadswick is available at close to the market value of aircraft plus group funds of £22k..

Wadswick is a superb base with private hangars so never need to move another aircraft.

The surface is grass over a free draining stone base, mowed regularly by the airfield owner.

The road to the hangars is currently being improved including a significant concrete section.

All movements are included and there is superb cafe/restaurant, shopping and facilities.

The aircraft is powered by a Rotax 912iS with a Fiti electric variable prop.

It has less than 300 hours and flying is bookable via our Goboko account.

Equipped for touring but just as suitable for local flights with a full Garmin suite comprising

DUAL Garmin G3X touch screens

Autopilot Garmin GMC305

Radio/I/c Garmin GTR 225

Xpdr (S) Garmin GTX 23ES


Flarm, ADSb, Pilotaware integrated to G3X

Electronic CO2 sensor

Funke BF157 backup flight instrument

Electronic aileron and elevator trim

120ltr fuel

Wing lockers

AVEO strobes and LED landing lights

Nosewheel steering, toe brakes


Leather seats

Adjustable rudder pedals

Tinted canopy

Lifejackets and PLB

The group subs are £122 per month and we are very solvent.

We charge £40 per hour inclusive, wet, which makes flying very economical in this fast efficient modern equipped aircraft

I am parting with my share as I am under utilising my share as I have another aircraft in which I indulge aerobatics.

I can be contacted on 07526 624349 or ctogs@aol.com