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Posted 21/04/2020 in Light Aircraft

Vans RV9 share based Coventry

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Gauging interest in forming a group based at Coventry in Vans RV9 (nosewheel).

I am nearing completion of this aircraft which I might sell outright, or group around 6 pilots. I am torn between making it night and IFR capable or a day VFR aircraft. Interest from prospective purchasers or group members will guide that decision.

The engine will be a Lycoming 0-320 E2A modified to produce 160hp with about 180 hours on it since complete rebuild. Prop will be Sensenich FP metal prop with the same hours.

If VFR, it will have a standard 6 pack plus Vor and ILS with a Garmin 430 WAAS. Mode C transponder and pilot aware which when linked to an IPad provides ADSB in, Mode S in, Flarm in, PAW in, all as a position fix on SkyDemon or similar. Also warns of aircraft transmitting mode C. A of A indicator.

If completed IFR capable, I will complete with a Garmin G5, a garmin auto pilot (roll and pitch) which can be controlled from the Garmin 430 or the G5. The transponder will be upgraded to mode S and set up to provide ADSB out. Heated Pitot.

If grouped around 6 as standard VFR. Shares 12k each. Monthly approx 65pcm and 65per hour wet.

If grouped around 6 as IFR shares 15k each, costs as above.

If sold VFR, £70k

If sold IFR £85 k.

This aircraft is undergoing a full rebuild having been involved in a forced landing some years back. I originally built it so know the aeroplanes full history and the rebuild is of course subject to LAA approval and oversight.

Email stevearnold1@sky.com for more details or to express interest.

Contact Details 07779311769