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SportAir Chichester / Goodwood

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SportAir Flying Group ( non-equity).

We set up SportAir five years ago and now offer an excellent choice of aircraft, all in immaculate condition. Family owned and run by Kimmy, Rich and Al along with our fantastic instructors, Steve, Richard,Mike, Emma and Chris. Our Aerobatic Guru is David! Their backgrounds are impeccable all have a wicked sense of humour. So..if you can’t take a bit of teasing we are not for you! The Ethos of SportAir is we don’t care how many hours you have but we do want you to operate to the highest standards and above all have fun! We carry out additional training if required and very thorough checkouts.

Evening out of hours flying is popular, we have impromptu BBQs, our Christmas Bash was held in May!

Our lovely Tomahawk has now been sold and is in her new home in Poland. So with this in mind we are changing our fleet around a little.

We have two Robin DR400s, BAFX is a 150 hp model and offers a good cruise performance and at £135/ hour is terrific value. Our second Robin is the Regent, BEUP, 180 hp. She is fast and can lift huge loads. £149/hour. These rates include landing fees at Goodwood and are charged take off to touchdown plus a sector charge of £10. We very much encourage touring and both Robins have just returned from an extensive tour of Switzerland.

To add a bit of spice, we also own a Super Decathlon with full inverted fuel and oil systems. £159/hr. G-TPSY is a very capable aircraft and several members are training and practicing with the aim to compete in some up and coming competitions! We will see!!

Recently a Zenair 601XL has joined us and subject to approval from the LAA, this will be available at £120/hr, no sector charge on this one. Many of our instructors have flown her and all agree she is great fun to fly with a respectable cruise too!, if this doesn’t wet your appetite, we have also purchased a DynAero Sportster our love of La Belle France was a contributing influence which will be on line by year end. Again with approval of the LAA, v fast and exciting handling! Lots of training before you are let loose on this one! £135/hr, no sector charge. Both our LAA aircraft are properly and professionally maintained to the same standards as the rest of the fleet. There’s also our C42 Microlight, more on this below, becoming v v popular. Farm strip courses on this one!

We have our own briefing room / clubhouse delightfully situated almost on the threshold of 28 so lovely views of the aircraft, all our aircraft are hangered, we even have a beer fridge (probably the only profitable part of the Club!). Life jackets, PLBs, Life Rafts, Headsets are all part of the Club.....the monthly membership is £85, minimum time is six months.

Training wise we can renew, validate SEPs, do in house Aerobatic training, tailwheel etc. 3 axis Microlight conversion, which brings us nicely to our latest adventure....we have moved into the world of Microlights and our brand new C42 is proving very popular. Rates for this are £109 solo..£139 dual. If you wish to fly just the Microlight then the monthly rate is £45. The colour scheme is pretty wild too! Farm strip flying, great fun and demanding, a really terrific little plane, everyone who has flown her has been very impressed.

All our Group A aircraft are maintained to the highest standards by Goodwood Road Racing, the C42 is maintained by GS Aviation, chosen because they have a huge amount of experience maintaining and operating C42s.

Bookings are via the internet we use, you can book hours, days weeks or months in advance, and you can take the aircraft away to go touring.

Our members have a very varied background, from new PPLs, to Airline Pilots. Flight sharing, fun flying, aerobatics, touring, we really offer the very best. Come over and have a chat! You don’t often get this sort of choice of aircraft to fly!

Do look us up at or go to Facebook...sportairfunflying also
01243 820367 / 07917 500551 / 07813 889550

We look forward to seeing you!