Van's RV-9A

Budel De Kempen Airport, The Netherlands
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PlaneTime is proud to offer this 2016 Vans RV-9A Experimental Aircraft. Without any doubt this aircraft is the best RV-9A aircraft on the market today.

The RV-9A decends from a wide range of quality Vans aircraft known for their reliability and “total performance”, able to cruise fast and yet land slow on basically any kind of surface.

This particular aircraft was build with a focus on quality and comfort.

Engine and Propeller were purchased brandnew and are extremely well balanced for an even smoother ride.

It is suberbly equipped with a dual Dynon Skyview 10” Touchscreen coupled to a Dynon intergrated autopilot enabling the pilot to maintain a heading, given track or fly straight to a GPS waypoint or VOR. It also tracks the ILS localizer and the altitude function lets the pilot maintian level or climb/descend to a selected altitude.

PH-SVV is equipped with an ADAHRS systems. ADAHRS stands for Air Data/Attitude/Heading Reference System. The SkyView ADAHRS module uses MEMS sensor technology to accurately measure inertial, magnetic, and air data. These provide the data necessary to drive the Artificial Horizon/Synthetic Vision, Airspeed, Altitude, Vertical Speed, Slip, Turn Rate, Angle of Attack, and Gyro-Stabilized Heading. Additionally, Outside Air Temperature is obtained from the SV-OAT-340 Sensor which is connected to the ADHARS Module.

Type: Vans RV-9A

Aircraft Registration: PH-SVV

Manufacturer Serial Number: 92076

Maximum Take-Off Mass: 817 kg

Empty: 516 kg

Useful Load: 301 kg

Year of Manufacturing: 2016

Total Time on Airframe: 61.6 (HOBBS), 53.9 AIR TOTAL

Engine: 1x Superior XP IO-320B1AD1

Engine Power: 160 HP

Total Time on Engines: 61.6 since new

TBO: 2000 hours

Engine was assembled by Loma Air specifically for this aircraft. It has a cold air induction sump improving cooling and adding power, delivering a cold air charge directly into each individual cylinder. Ignition is provided by a dual magneto system.

Propeller: Whirl Wind Aviation 200RV

2-blade composite constant speed hydraulic propeller

Number of Blades 2

Total Time on Propeller: 61.6 since new

Avionics: – 2x Dynon Skyview 10” Touchscreen

– Dynon ADAHRS systems

– Dynon 3 axis Autopilot

– Dynon integrated Mode-S transponder

– Garmin GNC-255 NAV/COM, 8.33 KHz spacing

– 406 Mhz ELT

– Wing mounted ZAON traffic sensor connected to Skyview to display traffic.

– Vertical Power electrical system displaying status on Skyview.

– WIFI connection to Skyview to transfer navigation data from Easy VFR, SkyDemon or any other navigation application.

– 2x USB Data Ports to upload Skyview data.

Interior: Classic Aero Design Interior in gray leather, including sidewalls, headrests and tonneau cover. (10 out of 10).

Carbonfibre instrument panel.

Exterior: Prime, basecoat and clearcoat in silver accents, black and blue. Xirallic pearl pigments were used in the silver and blue paint. (10 out of 10)

All internal parts were chromatized and painted.

Aircraft registration applied in blue vinyl for easy change.

Options: – Canopy fairing constructed in carbonfibre for excellent fit and maximum closure.

– Instrument panel in carbonfibre.

– Back up Speed Indicator

– Back up Altimeter

– Back up Compass

– Full Engine Management and Monitoring system through Skyview with EGT/CHT for all cylinders, fuel flow sensing, MP sensing, oil and fuel pressures, parking brake sensor, lean assistance

– Andair Fuel Selector

– Electrical Trim with autotrim capabilities

– Parking Brake

– 1x 12V-power outlet

– Fuel purge valve

– Whelan LED NAV/Strobe combination (3 position)

– LED Landing lights

– Classic Aero Interior with sidewalls

– Sliding canopy

– Rudder lock

– Sam Jones Holy Cowl air inlet

– Aircraft registration in vinyl for easy change

– Tow bar

Damage History: No damage history

Price: Inquire