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Posted 17/03/2020 in Radio and Comms

Bose A20 controller, mic and cable, Bluetooth

£80.00 New / For Sale
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Control, mic and helicopter type lead for Bose A20, Bluetooth. Extremely easy to fit, just two screws. Will turn your non Bluetooth A20's into Bluetooth or repair an existing Bluetooth model.

CAUTION, this is the first iteration of this lead and will Bluetooth to your phone but not the audio of navigation programs on your ipad or Android device. I have purchased the latest cable (£240) for my older Bose A20's because I want to be able to stream SkyDemon audio alerts and warnings hence the one I am selling is surplus.

If you require GA twin plugs, an adapter is available to change the helicopter plug to twin plugs.

The cable I am selling is in first class working order.

Contact Details wingdown89@gmail.com