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Posted 18/12/2019 in Instrument & Electricals

Mode S rig, Ft250, DC ANR headsets etc

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Fallen out of love with aviation so the current project has been canned.
I have a12 Volt King KT70 Mode S transponder with a newly calibrated altitude encoder, and a wiring harness freshly built and tested, enough
proper coax, BNC plugs and a new antenna. It does not do ES but it is all solid state (no tube to go soft,) comes with a tray and isn't £1000+. In fact I want £450 for the lot including the magic formula for coding it to your aircraft's ID (which took a bit of finding!)
I have a new and unused FT 250 handheld in its box with all the accessories for £150 but the headsets are now sold.
Collect or postage at cost.
tom@tomshep.co.uk or 07503116655.