About Us

GoneFlyin is a classifieds site for the recreational flyer.  Born in 2019, GoneFlyin was created out of the frustration of not having an easy and intuitive classifieds website for the recreational flyer.  The aim is to be a one-stop-shop for everything in the recreational flying world.

A combination of passion about flying and a desire to be client-centric to all who use GoneFlyin has made this site possible.

GoneFlying Team

Phil Warrener enjoyed over 25 years in lead roles within finance technology, working in high stress environments and in client facing roles. Phil is also a flexwing pilot who has been flying all over Europe for the last 10 years (see his YouTube Channel), and this combination of technology and aviation comes together to form GoneFlyin.

Phil has clocked up over 600+ hours in flexwing microlighting over the years and is also a very active member of the Hampshire Microlight Flying Club.


Contact Us

The team are building up this site from the ground up and are constantly looking to evolve the site.  We are always happy to hear feedback about the site and always want to hear what you want from us. Contact us to send over new ideas or updates.

"The best aviation classified site I have ever used"