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Posted 01/01/2020 in Light Aircraft

G TIMY Gardan Horizon GY80-160

£20,000.00 In Stock
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G-TIMY Gardan Horizon GY80-160
Year : 1964
Airframe: 1494
Engine: LYCOMING 0320-250 hours after total rebuild
Propeller: New
Engineering: Annual / Arc till 18th July 2020
Avionics: Becker 1602 8.33 Narco Mk 12d COM(com not working)NAV/ILS/VOR/Mod C and SkyForce 111 will update on purchase
Exterior: 8/10
Interior: 7/10
All metal with Full all weather wing and cowling cabin covers so happy outside
This is a full 4 seat empty weight 651kg tow 1050kg
Holds 200lt in 3 tanks 80/80 and 40 in rear 775 plus range (with little John bottle