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Posted 22/12/2019 in Light Aircraft

Jodel D117 Rebuild Project, Almost Complete

£8,500.00 In Stock
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This aircraft has undergone a major refurbishment and is ready for final assembly and completion. It has been fully re-covered and repainted (tailplane and elevator re-covered but not painted). The C-90 engine has been zero-timed and is fitted to the aircraft but not yet wired and plumbed in.

Most/all parts are available to get the aircraft flying again including:
- windscreen, doors, and new rear panels
- undercarriage, wheels, and spats
- new engine cowls

There is not much left to do on this aircraft and it could easily be back in the air in time for the main flying season. It is located in South Bedfordshire.

Contact me for further information or to arrange to see the aircraft.

Contact Details 07939147860