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Posted 01/09/2023 in Aircraft Reviews

Unpacking the Performance and Features of the Flight Design CTLS

Unpacking the Performance and Features of the Flight Design CTLS

When it comes to light sport aircraft (LSA), the Flight Design CTLS stands as a strong contender in the aviation industry. Designed for comfort, performance, and safety, this aircraft has captured the hearts of both recreational pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike. In this comprehensive review, we'll dive deep into what makes the Flight Design CTLS a remarkable choice for pilots of all levels.

What is the Flight Design CTLS?

Built by German manufacturer Flight Design, the CTLS is a high-wing, two-seater aircraft that features cutting-edge avionics, superb aerodynamics, and impressive fuel efficiency. Whether you are a student pilot looking for a trustworthy trainer or an experienced aviator seeking a dependable cross-country cruiser, the CTLS has got you covered.

Key Features    

  • Rotax Engine: Powered by the proven Rotax 912 ULS engine.    
  • Glass Cockpit: Features state-of-the-art Dynon SkyView avionics.    
  • Cruise Speed: Reaches a cruising speed of up to 120 knots.    
  • Fuel Efficiency: Achieves excellent fuel efficiency of around 5 gallons per hour at cruising speed.
  • Safety: Equipped with an optional parachute system for maximum safety.

Cockpit Comfort and Usability

Stepping into the CTLS cockpit is an experience in comfort and functionality:    

  • High Visibility: The bubble canopy design offers a panoramic view.    
  • Ergonomics: Ample legroom and adjustable seats make for a comfortable flight.    
  • User-friendly Avionics: The touchscreen interface is intuitive, allowing easy access to vital flight data.

Performance Metrics

Takeoff and Landing

With a climb rate of around 1000 feet per minute, the CTLS performs exceptionally well in takeoffs. Landing is equally smooth thanks to its effective flap system and well-balanced controls.

Cruise and Range

The CTLS can reach a maximum range of approximately 700 nautical miles, making it ideal for cross-country adventures. Its efficient engine ensures you get the most out of every gallon of fuel.


The CTLS's responsive controls and lightweight construction allow for agile maneuvering, whether you are dodging weather or practicing stalls.

Safety Measures

Equipped with modern safety features, including an optional ballistic parachute system and advanced stall characteristics, the CTLS goes above and beyond to ensure pilot and passenger safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fuel efficiency of the Flight Design CTLS?

The aircraft offers impressive fuel efficiency of around 5 gallons per hour at cruising speed.

What safety features are included?

The CTLS is equipped with advanced stall characteristics and an optional ballistic parachute system for enhanced safety.

Who is the Flight Design CTLS suitable for?

The aircraft is an excellent choice for both student pilots and experienced aviators.


Boasting a blend of performance, comfort, and safety, the Flight Design CTLS stands as one of the most reliable light sport aircraft in its class. From novice pilots to experienced aviators, this aircraft offers a flying experience that is both enjoyable and secure.